building carbon neutral

How to make a building carbon neutral

In the pursuit of resilient communities, the debate on carbon-neutral buildings has become hot among Engineers in the Construction Industry. It is a building that balances the carbon emissions it generates over its entire lifecycle. But how to make a building carbon neutral? The answer is simple: a holistic approach. And one of the key pillars in achieving a sustainable future is the implementation of green construction materials.

building carbon neutral

How To Make A Building Carbon Neutral With Bio-Materials

We are going on a limb to guess that the Engineer in you craves eco-friendly walls to actively fight climate change. Even more, you’re someone who wants to learn how to make a building carbon neutral through biology.

Well, it’s time that you let go of your energy-eating HVAC Systems for the construction industry has just two things for you:

  • Hempcrete: If you want eco-friendly walls that breathe and self-regulate, then this mix of hemp-hurds and lime, removes Carbon Dioxide. Not only that, this blend offers remarkable insulation that keeps you cozy in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Straw Bale Construction: They now come with improved fireproofing. Unlike loose straws, these tightly packed bales used in construction exhibit compartmentalization. Each tightly pressed bale acts as an individual fire cell, dense enough to prevent any airflow through the material.

Imagine yourself as a living eco-system that not only shows you how to make a building carbon neutral but also reduces your energy bills.

Such is the power of a bio-revolution.

building carbon neutral

How To Make A Building Carbon Neutral With Smart Concrete

Bio-Materials might bring your building closer to life but it is this smart concrete that gives your building life.

And it’s a 2-in-1 package.

  1. Longer Life Span: A more complex variation of Bio-Material, this concrete is infused with bacteria. Before the cracks even show on your surface and widen, this bacterial repairs them like mini-contractors at your service.
  2. Metamorphosis: If you want to add resilient communities into the construction narratives, then you must embrace biopolymers that sense humidity and adjust ventilation. Or the green piezoelectric materials that harvest energy from your footsteps. You don’t adapt to the building, the building adapts to you.

With this technology Engineers are actively rewriting the construction narrative. The green future is now where buildings are as lively as the people they shelter.

How To Make A Building Greener With Bio Char Concrete

You must have heard about buildings that reduce your carbon consumption. Very common these days. But have you heard about a building that quite literally consumes carbon?

Neither did we, until we saw for ourselves in biochar concrete. What better way to make a building carbon neutral than attacking the problem directly? Biochar concrete incorporates biochar, a charcoal-like substance, to remove carbon dioxide permanently.

Carbon dioxide-infused blocks are the same. They transform a greenhouse gas into a building block for a greener future. Talk about turning against your own!

Our Future Lies In Neutralizing Carbon

The thing is, it’s not the carbon that harms us. It’s the net carbon that’s bad.

Learning how to make a building carbon neutral is a conscious choice not many make but you did. Green Materials are the key to our future and since they neutralize carbon, neutralizing the net carbon effect should be our goal.

There will be many challenges for the construction industry to overcome. But we are Green Civil Engineers. Overcoming problems is what we do.

building carbon neutral

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