Concrete Finishes

Mastering Concrete Finishes: The 3 Types You Need to Know

Do you wish to transform your property into something grandiose? A luxurious oasis perhaps? The good news is, that it costs not your fortune but rather your sophistication on different types of concrete finishes. Luckily for you, this article from Brickborne has a gold mine of concrete finishing ideas for you. These 3 different types of concrete finishes are merely a teaser.

Concrete Finishes

Smooth Concrete Finish

There are many types of concrete patio finishes but there are only a few filled with the same level of finesse as the smooth concrete finish.

Once you have tooled your materials, the transformative concrete finishing rake comes into play. The skillful hands, responsible for ensuring efficient concrete finishing costs, use the concrete finishing rake to fine-level the surface until all you see is perfection.

Of course, our words may seem exaggerated but here is why this finish is at the top of our list of different types of concrete finishes:

  • The Uniformity ensures a more professional outlook among all the other types of concrete finishing.
  • The Durability ensures that your finish just might last longer than you given the smaller exposed areas to wear and tear.
  • Among the other types of concrete finishing, the smooth concrete finish is the easiest to maintain.
Concrete Finishes

Polished Concrete Finish

If one of the concrete finishing ideas you get is this, then allow us to commend your ambitions.

Unlike most of the different types of concrete finishes, the polished concrete finish needs more than a concrete finishing rake. It involves the rigorous mechanical process of grinding and penetrant chemicals.

The grinding itself needs heavy-duty diamond abrasives, and floor grinders to ensure the demanding precision is met. It is because of these diamonds your concrete finish transforms into a glossy, smooth masterpiece, perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of public spaces like malls and museums.

Yes. We did mention the ambition behind the polished concrete finish but it is because of this engineer’s ambition, we know you will see the benefits this type has over all the other different types of concrete finishes:

  • The Enhanced Reflectivity ensures sustainability by decreasing the demand for light in a commercial space.
  • It is because of this reflectivity, that this type of concrete finishing is the easiest to clean.
  • Due to the enhanced precision in contrast to other types of concrete finishing, you can customize based on your aesthetic preferences.

Stamped Concrete Finish

Last but not least, we have the most innovative of the different types of concrete finishes. Rather, we have stumbled from floors to different types of concrete driveway finishes because here, you are no longer limited.

The stamped concrete finish, unlike the other types of concrete finishing, uses a stamp instead of a concrete finishing rake or trowel. These stamps are panels adorned with motifs and are pressed onto the concrete when it has still yet to dry.

This technique imparts a distinctive texture to the concrete floor, simulating the appearance of various materials such as slates, bricks, tiles, or even wood.

From an aesthetic point of view, this is our favorite among all the other concrete finishing ideas. Why? Here are three reasons why:

  • Unlike the other types of concrete finishing, you have a variety of patterns available including brick and wood.
  • You can even color the surface and achieve a more realistic look than the other different types of concrete finishes.
  • Provides an affordable way to achieve the look of high-end materials without compromising on durability and hardness.
Concrete Finishes

Our Final Word

As we said, this is just a teaser. There are so many more different types of concrete finishes out there, adorned with endless possibilities.

Just find the one that suits you best.

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