Hardwood Floor Problems

How to Prevent and Resolve Hardwood Floor Problems on Concrete Slabs

Surely you must have thought of transforming your comfort space? And surely hardwood on the cement floor must have crossed your mind. Truly it is a trend these days, one full of Architectural Interior Aesthetics that please the eye. However, there must be some drawbacks to having hardwood floors on a concrete slab. Right? Worry not and waltz right in as we at Brickborne will show you today the Hardwood Floor on Concrete slab problems you may face and their solution.

Hardwood Floor on Concrete Slab Problems # 01: Moisture

When it comes to moisture, the combination of hardwood floor on concrete slab may not seem so heavenly. Concrete is porous, drawing moisture from the soil and even its surroundings.

Over time, this moisture infiltrates upwards from higher concentration to lower concentration until it reaches your hardwood on the cement floor. After that, havoc.

Hardwood Floor on Concrete slab problems

No matter what, you must make sure that your hardwood on the concrete slab and moisture never meet. Here’s how:

  • Barriers Against Moisture: Install either epoxy coatings or plastic sheets directly beneath the hardwood on the cement floor. These barriers act as your floor’s guard against any water contact.
  • Acclimatization: Simply put, allow your hardwood on a concrete slab to get accustomed to the room’s environment before installation. Practically put, store your wood in the concerned space for a few days to allow it to adjust to the moisture levels.
Hardwood Floor on Concrete slab problems

Hardwood Floor on Concrete Slab Problems # 02: Temperature

However, installing hardwood floors on concrete slabs is not just about the moisture. Temperature is an accomplice to this crime of vandalism too. They can greatly impact your hardwood on the cement floor.

Even more than water herself.

When warm, your hardwood floor on a concrete slab will expand and when cold, it will contract. The slab itself tends to be cooler than the room around it. Such a difference leads to gaps, creaking, and warping.

Even worse, you can’t have any protection against temperature fluctuations.

Or can you?

  • Climate Consistency: It’s the difference in temperatures that disturbs your hardwood floor on a concrete slab. So ensure less variability in your room’s temperature throughout the year. You can invest in HVAC systems to help you with this.
  • Energy Insulation: We recommend you invest in installing insulation beneath your concrete slab. It not only helps maintain a constant environment for your hardwood on the cement floor but controls the transfer of heat within the slab thus reducing temperature fluctuations.
  • Rugs: Place mats and rugs in strategic positions atop your hardwood floor on a concrete slab. These will serve as minor insulation and act as a buffer to protect your hardwood against abrupt temperature changes.
Hardwood Floor on Concrete slab problems

Hardwood Floor on Concrete Slab Problems # 03: Sound

When you go for elegance, you must face acoustic challenges, especially with your hardwood floor on a concrete slab. If you want a harmonious lifestyle, then you must take these challenges very seriously.

Hardwood floors on concrete slabs can amplify the transmission of noise. From footsteps to even minor movements, they all become prone to reverberation. So you only have two options; either you get used to the noise or you find the solution.

Fortunately, we have just what you need for the latter:

  • Underlayment: Materials like cork or rubber underlays can serve well as a cushioning layer between the hardwood floor and your concrete slab. They are specialized in dampening sounds and reducing their transmission.
  • Engineered Hardwood: If you are going for hardwood on a cement floor then why not go for Engineered Hardwood? They are specially manufactured with enhanced noise reduction and are more effective in helping you face your acoustic challenges.

Final Words

True. The allure of hardwood on concrete slabs may be irresistible. But why would you ever want to jump into a pit without knowing what’s inside it?

Well now you know and now you also know that if you can steer through the dangers gracefully then elegance awaits you in the end.

Hardwood Floor on Concrete slab problems

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