How to increase room ventilation

How to Increase Room Ventilation: 8 Innovative Ways

Room ventilation is air circulation into, out of, or within a room. In this blog, we’ll explore different strategies of how to improve air circulation in a room.

How to increase room ventilation

Why is it Essential?

  1. Enhanced air circulation contributes to improved air quality.
  2. It effectively eliminates unpleasant odors from cooking, pets, cleaning, and other sources.
  3. Good ventilation system will ensure proper humid environment of room.
  4. Circulation of fresh air into room is beneficial for people with various respiratory conditions like asthma etc.

Having understood the significance of air circulation and the role it plays to enhance air quality of room, let’s now explore methods to improve air ventilation in a room.

Ways to Increase Room Ventilation

Building design

 A well-designed building will have proper layout plan which will improves air circulation that will cause fresh air to flow through rooms. Moreover, placement of windows plays vital role in increasing circulation of fresh air into rooms. It is suggested that windows of house or any building should be facing prevailing winds. Thus, improving overall ventilation of house. Similarly, same considerations should be kept in mind while deciding room placement.

Open interior doors

This is one of the simple ways to improve circulation of air. It doesn’t require any extra systems to install, making it free of cost. By Opening interior doors, you can improve room ventilation within a building/room. It will make air to move freely between different rooms and spaces. On the other hand, circulation of air is restricted when doors are closed. As movement of air is restricted, air quality of surrounding environment will be affected.

How to increase room ventilation


As name shows, these are used to maintain normal humidity level in room. Dehumidifiers are used where there is very humid environment. For example, buildings near coastal regions are very prone to humidity. Thus, if you are living in such regions then you must use dehumidifier to prevent dampness. This will improve circulation of air.

How to increase room ventilation

Position the Box Fan Inward on the window

If you are looking for economical solution and do not want to install air conditioner in room, then this option is for you. Try placing a box fan on your window in inward direction. This makes fresh air to rush into the room. In this way, stale air will move out of the room. Thus, overall environment and temperature of room will improve.

How to increase room ventilation

Passive vents

This is one of options which does not require any mechanical system. Thus, it is more economical and environment friendly. Passive vents, if properly placed in rooms/building, helps in movement of air due to difference in air pressure. In a controlled way, Fresh air enters from lower vents and warm air exits through higher vents. Passive ventilation improves room air circulation and reduces humidity and pollutants.

Reversible fans

Name itself represents the function these fans do. Reversible fans increase air circulation in the bedroom due to inward air flow and vice versa. In the summer season, they push air downward, creating a cooling breeze, and in winter, they pull air upward. This circulates warm air throughout the room. This two-way airflow improves overall air circulation and comfort in both summer and winter season.

Furniture placement

To avoid blockage of air vents and subsequently avoid compromising in livability, furniture should be oriented and placed in the room accordingly. This can result in smoother air circulation by allowing fresh air to flow freely. This is one of the reasons vent, window, and furniture placements in a plan are important considerations.

Mechanical venting

Mechanical vents such as exhaust fans and air exchange systems are used to improve ventilation of living space.  Exhaust fans and air exchange systems are commonly placed in rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, and powder rooms. Such exchange systems expel stale indoor air to draw in fresh outdoor air thus, resulting in increased air ventilation. This controlled air flow becomes vital in such rooms where it is necessary for odors and suffocating air to flow out.

How to increase room ventilation

For fresh air to properly circulate in a room, it is necessary to have a good ventilation system. From the points mentioned above, we can say that improving room ventilation does not require major renovations. There are numerous simple ways in which we can improve the environment of our living space.

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