When Is A Retaining Wall Required

All you need to know about Retaining Wall Essentials

In the Geotechnical World, you’ll find traces of your greatest enemy: gravity. It waits for the chance to send precious topsoil cascading down your slope. But worry not, for you have a retaining wall to protect you. But when is a Retaining Wall required exactly?

We’ll let you know just when.

Retaining wall

Retaining Wall Requirements – The 30-Degree Slope Threshold

The mountains turn treacherous at 30 degrees! Imagine if the slope was more than that. Rain becomes a geotechnical nightmare, triggering mini mudslides. Foundations shudder under such sudden shifting of the earth. But this is exactly where a retaining wall steps up.  It is a silent guardian of reinforced earth, reinforced concrete, or stoic stone. Retaining walls don’t just work as barriers, they work as a slope stabilization unit, redirecting the water flow and anchoring the soil matrix.

Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall Requirements – When 4 Feet Becomes 4 Feet Too Much

Picture a dramatic cliff face jutting out from the roadside. Too much right? The benchmark is 4 feet, beyond that the slope requires the support of a retaining wall. If unchecked, gravity pulls down on the soil as if tugging at a tablecloth. Result? Unstable slopes and life-threatening situations. This is because the overturning moment then becomes significant. Think of it like a seesaw: the longer the lever arm (the height), the more force (weight of soil) needed to balance it. A retaining wall acts as a counterweight to provide a resisting moment against this overturning moment.

Retaining Wall

Final Word – Get Yourself A Sturdy Retaining Wall

So ask yourself again; when is a retaining wall required?

When you have to deploy at 30-degree inclines and beyond 4-foot vertical differences. They redirect water flow, anchor soil matrices, and combat overturning moments – the silent allies of stable infrastructure and secure landscapes. Don’t wait for erosion’s domino effect.

Find yourself an expert Engineer and build a retaining wall to protect you.

Stay safe!

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