Split-level modular home

3 Unique Reasons Why a Split-Level Modular Home is Right for You

Imagine your unique personality and then imagine how unique your personality is. You’ll find yourself living in a split-level modular home where design, delight, and innovation become your convenience. Don’t believe us? Stick around! Brickborne will show you exactly 3 reasons why a split-level modular home is right for you.

Understanding a Split-Level Modular Home

But first, comes the basic concept.

A split-level modular home is a modern housing concept that smoothly combines efficient functionality with eye-catching and innovative aesthetics. “Unique” as we stated earlier.

Such an ambitious design boasts loudly on staggered floors and for very good reason. These floors in a split-level modular home feature multiple levels that divide living spaces within the structure, giving a dynamic sense of style and living.

However, this is merely the front porch of your split-level modular home.

Split-Level Modular Home

Reason #01: Functional Zoning

Functional Zoning is a planning concept that involves dividing space into specific areas, each for a specific purpose. This practice is the key advantage of the design of a Split-Level modular home.


By creating distinct, unique spaces at different levels. For example, the lower level of your Split-Level modular home will house a cozy, warm, and comfortable family room whereas the upper level will be transformed into the quiet haven that is your bedroom.

This separation ensures privacy in your Split-Level modular home and that each area serves its purpose with efficiency.

Reason #02: A Split-Level Modular Home is Nature’s Friend

If you are a nature lover like us, then hurting her is the last thing you wish. Building a home that suits your needs might just be anti-climactic. However, you have nothing the fear. Why?

Because a Split-Level modular home is Mother Nature’s champion.

Strategically placed windows and ventilation systems boast energy efficiency. They not only provide ample Lumens of daylight but also reduce your electricity bill in the process. Even better, fresh air circulates continuously in your Split-Level modular home and in doing so, maintains a comfortable indoor environment.

However, Mother Nature’s champion is more than just energy efficient. He is so much more than that. A Split-Level modular home has a compact design thus making use of little space. Little space means a smaller environmental footprint and a happier Earth.

Don’t worry. This compactness will not affect your experience.

Split-Level Modular Home

Reason #03: A Split-Level Modular Home Guards Your Money

Not literally of course. Only a bank can guard your money.

What we mean is that the construction of a Split-Level modular home is not as expensive as you might have been led to believe. To make such a home, a contractor employs more efficient means of construction since tradition will not do so.

This efficiency in building a Split-Level modular home results in faster build times and time is money. This speed is partly thanks to the fact that modular homes are pre-fabricated indoors thus there are little to no weather delays.

Moreover, faster build times means smaller labor hours required on-site and hence, lesser wage to pay. Coming to materials, not only are they eco-friendly and cheaper but also they are bought in bulk and bulky purchases lead to savings.

Exponential savings.

Final Word – Just Build It!

In today’s modern age, your unique personality requires a blend of cost-effectiveness, nature, and design. So what are you waiting for you? With the Split-Level modular home, you have this blend in the palm of your hand.

Just embrace this perfect choice.

Happy building!

Split-Level Modular Home

Brickborne believes in accuracy and time construction without wastage of resources. We believe in economical and sustainable construction. With the advancing world, software is here to assist us in the construction field. Brickborne provides construction drawings as per codes of the region, 3D modeling, rendering, and animation walkthroughs of both interior and exterior, and quantity surveying and cost estimation. Choose us to change your dreams into reality as we say, Brickborne- We Design Your Ideas!

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