Timber Frame Trusses

The Wondrous World of Timber Frame Trusses: A Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the world of timber frame trusses, where variety awaits your eye. Here, you will not only get the structural support you need but also bring home aesthetic value beyond your imagination. So in this blog post, let us dive into Brickborne’s fascinating world of timber frame trusses. Discover the five common types of timber truss extensively used in construction.

King Post Truss

Consisting of a literal “king post”, the King Post Truss is simple and elegant. Compared to the other timber frame trusses, it exhibits a traditional style. This so-called post is a vertical central post. It supports a horizontal member that in-turn supports the weight of the roof. Smaller structures widely employ King Post Trusses, much like most timber frame trusses. It is renowned for its straightforward design and ease of construction. Not to mention the classic charm that fits well with various architectural styles.

Queen Post Truss

There is no king without his queen and such is true for our timber frame trusses. Like the King Post Truss, the Queen features a vertical post but unlike the King Post Truss, she features not one but two vertical posts. A horizontal axial member connects both of these posts for additional support and stability. The Queen Post Truss commonly finds application in larger structures where the roof span demands extra reinforcement, making it not only functional but also complementing spacious interiors.

Scissor Truss

Among the timber frame trusses, the Scissor Truss is renowned for its unique and elegant design. It features two sloping beams that cross each other in the shape of an ‘X,’ creating a scissor-like effect. This design allows for a vaulted ceiling, providing an open and airy feel to the space beneath. Scissor Trusses are often used in rooms where a heightened ceiling is desired, such as in great rooms or living areas. The aesthetic appeal and structural efficiency make them a popular choice in modern timber frame construction.

Gambrel Truss

The Gambrel Truss, also known as a barn truss, is distinguishable from other timber frame trusses by its distinctive shape resembling a gambrel roof. It features two slopes on each side, with a steeper upper slope and a shallower lower slope. This design maximizes the usable space within the structure, making it ideal for barns, sheds, and even residential spaces where a loft or attic is desired. The Gambrel Truss offers a charming, rustic look and is a practical choice for those seeking both functionality and style.

Howe Truss

Frequently, rooms seeking elevated ceilings, such as great rooms or living areas, employ Scissor Trusses. This design provides excellent strength and stability, making it suitable for a wide range of structures, including bridges and industrial buildings. The diagonal braces add an interesting visual element while enhancing the overall structural integrity. Users can customize the Howe Truss, a versatile option, to meet specific load-bearing requirements.

Our Final Word

Whether you’re planning to build a cozy cottage or a spacious barn, understanding the different types of timber frame trusses allows you to choose the one that best suits your needs and style preferences. As you embark on your construction journey, consider the beauty and strength that timber frame trusses can bring to your project, turning a simple structure into a timeless work of craftsmanship. A work that your engineering intuition deserves.

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