Types of Decorative Brickwork

Unique Types of Decorative Brickwork in the World

When it comes to enhancing the visual appeal of a structure, decorative brickwork offers a timeless and elegant solution. With a wide array of options available, understanding the different types of decorative brickwork is crucial for selecting the perfect style for your project. In this article, we will delve into the various brick types, patterns, and styles that fall under the umbrella of decorative brickwork.

What is Decorative Brickwork

Decorative brickwork encompasses specially crafted brick units that add aesthetic value to a building. These bricks go beyond the standard rectangular shape, providing unique textures, colours, and patterns. They are commonly utilized in accent walls, facades, archways, and other architectural elements to create visually striking designs.

The Four Types of Bricks

1. Facing Bricks

Designed primarily for their aesthetic appeal, facing bricks are visible on the exterior face of a structure. They are available in a variety of colours, textures, and finishes, enabling architects and homeowners to achieve their desired look.

Types of Decorative Brickwork

2. Engineering Bricks

Renowned for their durability and strength, engineering bricks are employed in load-bearing applications. They are commonly used in areas that require high structural integrity, such as foundations and retaining walls.

Types of Decorative Brickwork

3. Fire Bricks

With their ability to withstand high temperatures, fire bricks are essential for areas exposed to intense heat, including fireplaces and kilns.

Types of Decorative Brickwork

4. Common Bricks

Versatile and widely used, common bricks (also known as clay bricks) serve both structural and decorative purposes. They are suitable for various applications such as walls, pavements, and landscaping.

Types of Decorative Brickwork

Five Different Brick Patterns

1. Running Bond

One of the most commonly used brick patterns, the running bond involves arranging bricks in horizontal rows, with each brick overlapping the one below by half. This pattern achieves both visual appeal and structural stability.

Types of Decorative Brickwork

2. Herringbone

The herringbone pattern features bricks arranged in a zigzag manner, creating a V-shaped design. This pattern adds movement and elegance to surfaces and is commonly found in pathways, driveways, and interior floors.

Types of Decorative Brickwork

3. Basket Weave

In the basket weave pattern, pairs of bricks are arranged horizontally and vertically, creating a woven appearance. This pattern adds a unique visual texture and is often used in patios and garden paths.

Types of Decorative Brickwork

4. Flemish Bond

The Flemish bond is a decorative pattern that alternates between stretcher and header bricks in each row. This pattern offers a classic and sophisticated look and is frequently seen in historic buildings.

Types of Decorative Brickwork

5. English Bond

The English bond pattern alternates rows of the stretcher and header bricks, providing strength and stability to walls. It is commonly used in traditional brickwork.

Types of Decorative Brickwork

Three Types of Brick Styles

1. Rusticated

Rusticated brickwork features rough-textured bricks with pronounced joints, creating a rustic and robust appearance. This style is often seen in farmhouse architecture and industrial-inspired designs.

Types of Decorative Brickwork

2. Tumbled

Tumbled bricks undergo a weathering process, resulting in a weathered and worn look. This style adds charm and character, particularly to buildings aiming for a vintage or aged aesthetic.

Types of Decorative Brickwork
Brick wall texture. Free public domain CC0 photo.

3. Painted

Painted brickwork allows for unlimited colour possibilities by applying paint to the bricks. This style offers customization options to suit specific design preferences and is popular in contemporary and modern architectural styles.

Types of Decorative Brickwork


Familiarizing yourself with the different types of decorative brickwork opens up a world of creative possibilities for architects, builders, and homeowners. Whether you’re aiming for a traditional, rustic, or modern look, understanding the variety of brick types, patterns, and styles empowers you to make informed decisions and create stunning architectural designs.

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