4 Unique Types of Shed Roof Design You Need to Know

4 Unique Types of Shed Roof Design You Need to Know

If you want to explore the realm of creativity and functionality for your outdoor spaces, then you must explore the whole world of different types of shed roof design.

Whether you are held hostage by the sleekness of an L-shaped shed roof design or merely observing your countless options among different shed roof styles, this blog is for your guide.

Through Brickborne, you will help yourself discover the perfect roof style for your shed. There are many, that are true. However, we have already delved into the diverse world of shed roofing and picked the Top 4 unique types of shed roof design.

Types of Shed Roof Design

Green Living Roofs

Among the different shed roof styles, green living roofs earned their keep on the stage in the mid-20th century, in Germany. A major economy at the time, green roofs were driven by concerns for the environment and improvement in urban lifestyle.

The inspiration for design lies in Mother Nature herself. Lush meadows and ecosystems being the main source, green living roofs are among those different roof styles for sheds that promote biodiversity as well as reduce energy consumption.


  • Reduction in Carbon footprint in favor of biodiversity.
  • Reduction in Energy costs via excellent thermal insulation.
  • Visual aesthetic appeal for nature lovers.


  • Requires specialized architectural and structural expertise.
  • Regular maintenance is required such as watering and weeding.
  • Higher installation costs in contrast to conventional types of shed roof design.

Butterfly Roofs

In search of innovative ways to incorporate more natural light into architectural designs, modernist architects like Rudolph Schindler came up with the idea of a V-roof. Or as we call it in our list of different shed roof styles: Butterfly Roofs.

Of course, as the name suggests the inspiration comes from the wings of a butterfly. Two distinct roof sections slope upwards and meet at the center. The main focus is not only on maximizing views but also on creating a connection with the outdoors while maintaining a minimalist appearance.


  • Aesthetical in terms of modern visual appeal.
  • Brighter interiors.
  • Additional vertical space for more storage options.


  • Complex engineering in terms of design.
  • Drainage design becomes very crucial.
  • Cleaning may become a challenging task.

Saw Tooth Roofs

It’s one of the different shed roof styles very similar in purpose to a Butterfly Roof. However, from the 19th century, this roof’s architecture was targeted for factories and workshops to allow workers to maximize natural daylight.

Just as the name suggested for our Butterfly design, lies our inspiration. Consisting of a series of ridges along with vertical glass panels, the design makes it ideal for work-sheds.


  • Provision of diffused daylight throughout the day.
  • Unique visuals as compared to the other two.
  • Less requirement for artificial light during the day.


  • Due to the complex design, the shed may not be suitable for every shed.

Mansard Roofs

You may peruse through numerous shed roof styles, but you’ll find none to be more classical than a Mansard Roof. Designed by the French Architect François Mansart (1598–1666), this design became popular during the 17th century.

This man’s inspiration can be seen in the distinctive double-pitched structure that consists of a steep lower slope along with a shallower upper slope. Dormer windows protrude from the latter of the two slopes.


  • Provides extra storage as well as living space in the attic.
  • Classy aesthetics.
  • Efficient rainwater runoff due to steep slopes.
  • Simple design compared with the other different shed roof styles.


  • Requires specialized craftsmanship for quality construction.
  • The dormers may require extensive upkeep.
  • Initial construction costs may be expensive compared to conventional types of shed roof design.

To close this chapter, there is a wide range of unique options in each of the different roof styles for sheds. You should look towards balancing aesthetics, functionality, budget, and of course your personal preference.

Happy building!

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