The Innovative World of Architectural Engineering

When we think of the word “architecture”, buildings and other structures pop up in our minds. However, behind these structures, there exist a collection of skills and expertise related to architecture, engineering and construction. Thus, this blog will shed light on architectural engineering, architectural engineer and the work which falls under its domain.  

Architectural Engineering

What is Architect Engineering or Architectural Engineering

Architectural or architect engineering is a field that involves architecture, engineering and construction collection. It includes the application of engineering principles and technology to the design of structures. Hence, the main aim of architectural or architecture engineering is to create safe, economical and sustainable structures.

Who is an Architectural Engineer

An architect engineer is one who applies engineering principles to different structures. They work with different professionals in order to ensure safe, economical, aesthetically good and sustainable structures. Moreover, Architect engineers use different softwares which include Computer-Aided Design(CAD), Building Information Modeling(BIM), etc. Furthermore, architectural engineers work in architectural firms, construction companies, etc.

How to become an Architectural Engineer or Architect Engineer

In order to become an expert architectural engineer, these five steps should be followed;

  1. Get yourself a higher education certification
  2. Enrol yourself in the architectural engineering bachelor’s degree. There are many architecture engineering universities and colleges which provide architectural engineering undergraduate programs.
  3. Gain experience by getting internships in reputed firms so that you can show it in your resume.
  4. Appear in the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam in order to get the professional architect engineer license. After this test, you will be called a Professional Engineer.
  5. Go for advanced studies in architectural engineering. Furthermore, enhance skills pertaining to architecture engineering.

Keep yourself updated regarding day-by-day developments in the field of architectural engineering in order to keep yourself updated regarding the latest trends.

What Architectural Engineers do: An Aspect of Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering involves the collection of architecture, engineering, construction, technology and design. Therefore, architect engineers are professionals who ensure safe, economical, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable structures. They perform a variety of tasks, chief among them are:

Architectural Engineers do

Designing Structures

Architect engineers use their experience and expertise to design the framework of a structure. It includes roofs, beams, columns, floors, etc.

Developing Floor Plans

Architect engineers are responsible for the placement of rooms and other areas depending upon the zoning laws.

Analyzing Structures

Architecture engineers analyze heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, and electrical systems to ensure they meet building codes and are energy-efficient.

Liaisoning with the Architects

Architectural engineers keep links with the architects in order to ensure uniformity among designs which include, structural design, architectural design, heating design, plumbing design, etc.

Inspecting the Sites

Architect engineers ensure inspections of the site as per the codes and design to ensure aesthetically pleasing, safe, economical and sustainable structures.

Managing Projects

Meeting the deadline is an important element in the success of a project. The architecture engineer has to ensure that the deadlines are met as per schedule.

Which Universities and Colleges Offer Architectural Engineering

The architectural engineering program includes a wide range of topics such as engineering, management, systems and environmental design. After graduation candidates can pursue careers in different other fields. Furthermore, there are many architecture engineering universities and colleges. Some of the colleges with architecture engineering are Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of California, Berkeley, Georgia Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of Texas at Austin, Virginia Tech, Carnegie Mellon University, etc. The degree of architectural engineering is also offered in architectural engineering cal poly, colleges in Florida, schools in new york, etc. These colleges and universities provide both undergraduate degree and master’s degree programs. They have state-of-the-art laboratories which result in an extensive understanding of a topic.

What are the Major Subjects of Architectural Engineering

Architecture engineering is wholesome in its nature. The subjects included in architecture engineering are structural engineering, building systems, construction management, environmental design, building codes and regulations, etc. The courses for architecture engineering help in making an architect engineer skilful and expert in his domain. In addition, there are many architectural engineering online courses offered by well-reputed universities and colleges. These online courses include;

  1. Architectural Engineering: Bridging the Gap Between Engineers and Architects- offered by the University of Bath on FutureLearn
  2. Building Science Fundamentals- offered by the Building Science Corporation
  3. Sustainable Building Design- offered by the University of British Columbia on edX
  4. Architectural Engineering and Design Management- offered by the University of Salford on FutureLearn
  5. Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Construction- offered by the University of Florida on Coursera

What is the Salary of an Architectural Engineer

The salary of an architectural engineer depends upon certain factors like experience, education, location, and industry. Although according to different sites, the average salary of an architect engineer is:

  1. According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for architectural engineers in the United States is $72,944 per year.
  2. Indeed reports that the average salary for architectural engineers in the United States is $76,191 per year.


In a nutshell, architectural engineering is a field which is multidisciplinary in nature. An architect engineer focuses on aesthetically pleasing, economical and sustainable structures. Architecture engineers do many tasks in different domains in order to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. There are many colleges and universities which provide architecture engineering undergraduate and master’s degrees. The are many subjects which engineers consume while pursuing architectural engineering. Furthermore, the salary of an architectural engineer depends upon many factors, some of them are expertise, education, location, etc.

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